Can Allergy Affect Your Ears?

An average of 50 million Americans experienced allergic reactions that made one think if can allergy affect your ears.

It is true that allergy can be fatal to one’s health and it affects our senses. Our ears are not exempted to the chronic effects of allergies. Take skin allergy as an example. One may be allergic to earrings, soap, shampoo, pet dander, or even gadgets such as headset and earbuds. Once allergic reactions in your ear, it may cause hearing loss.

Short-term hearing loss is an effect of allergic reaction. Depending on which part of your ears is affected, hearing loss may differ in level.

There are three parts of our ears – the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. When allergic reactions occur, the outer ear may tend to itch or worst swell when you scratch it hard. This is the effect of skin allergies due to different allergens such as soaps, dander, earrings, and the like.

If this swelling develops into higher level of reaction, it may produce mucus which now affects the middle ear particularly in the Eustachian Tube or the drainage tube of our ears. This mucus fills the tube that will result to a feeling of fullness in the area. The mucus that fills the drainage now will result into hearing loss.

When this mucus builds up, bacteria production may take place as the area is a perfect breeding place for them. Subsequent infections will now affect your ear. This will give you a feeling of dizziness and even light -headed. For some, they may experience vertigo.

If the mucus affects the inner ear, this is now the time when one may feel discomfort, an earache, or a popping in the ear due to pressure builds. The effect of infection to the inner ear may cause dizziness and loss of balance.

Allergic reactions that affects the ears, at worst, will lead to Meniere’s Disease. This is a disorder in the inner ear causing strong ringing in the ear. As a result, the affected person may feel dizzy, as if the world is spinning. Because of the ringing in the inner ear, the person will have short term hearing loss.

It is true that millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss due to allergic reactions.  If you are experiencing this, never hesitate to take precautionary measures and seek for professional advices as personal remedies might worsen the symptoms.