Can Allergy Cause Throat Pain?

If you experienced allergic reactions to something, you might ask if can allergy cause throat pain. Yes, it causes pain in the throat.

Well, allergies and sore throat has an anticipated connection. You might experience excessive sneezing because you are allergic to pollens or pet dander that cause your throat to ache. For normal sore throat, lozenges can ease the sore but for allergy-induced sore throat, it may persist for days or even weeks. The pain would be very tiring and exhausting.

Allergy-induced sore throat is caused by different allergens such as smoke, mildew, and pet dander. Some allergens are also seasonal such as pollens. During flowering seasons, you might experience worst sore throat as there will be abundant supply of pollens. When you feel unnecessary sneezing that eventually leads to annoying mucus secretion in the sinus, prepare for the worse scenario. Once postnasal drip takes place, there will be adverse effect to your throat.

This called postnasal drip is a symptom of excessive mucus secretion which causes tickling in the throat area and extreme coughing. Postnasal drip causes you excessive swallowing. It is a result of drip build up that gives you a feeling of fullness in your throat. The result will let you experience pain and difficulty in speaking.

Every day we unknowingly inhale allergens such as dust, pollens or dander. For most people, sneezing is a sign that an allergen has entered our nasal passage but for allergic people, these cause runny nose and mucus drains. Nasal congestion that drains down the throat and is exposed to allergens such as pollens and dander causes scratchy feeling in the throat. The exposure of allergens can cause excessive coughing that will irate the throat. It may get worst with swelling of the throat.

For most cases, allergies and sore throat affect the way we communicate and breath and is very annoying especially when coughing becomes painful because of the scratchy sensation we feel. Moreover, coughing due to sore throat can be embarrassing in public places.

Although a typical sore throat last only for days, allergy-induced sore throat can be a worst symptom that may cause ache and swelling in the throat. Allergy effects are fatal and alarming especially when your throat is affected. So, for most people who asks about the pain we feel due to allergy-induced sore throat, it’s always a “yes” response.